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How it works

Designerex™ is the world’s largest peer-to-peer designer dress sharing platform. 
It enables Renters to compare different providers for free and book a dress securely for their event, all in one platform.

Designerex™ also allows Individuals & Businesses to start listing their own dresses for free, and unlike any non-secure forums, designerex™ provides 
members with the latest technology such as real-time ID Verification, which makes Renting & Lending more secure and easier than ever.

Designerex™ gives you instant access to your own private dashboard, which enables you to login at anytime, for managing or tracking your designer dress  
rentals at every step of the way, whether you are Renting or Lending.

You can join the community of Renters and Lenders that are taking advantage of the fast growing designerex™ platform, by joining designerex™ in just  
seconds and creating a profile for free. Member profiles help Renters and Lenders get to know each other before deciding to share with each other and 
we do not display full names or contact information on public profiles.

Start Renting or Lending the latest designer fashion securely with other Members all over the country.

It’s easy and free to list.

Trust & Security

designerex™ is built on trusted relationships between Renters and Lenders through the use of online ID Verification Technology ensuring authenticity, 
Reviews after each transaction, a Private Messaging system and a Cashless Secure Payment Gateway. Renting and Lending through the designerex™ 
platform is the most secure, safe and smart way to wear and make money by sharing your designer pieces with other women.

Id verification
ID Verification Technology

Real-time scanning of ID such  
as a Driver's License or Passport

Peer to peer
Private Messaging

Built-in private messaging that enables you to  
directly communicate with Lenders and Renters

Secure payment
Payment Gateway

Secure payments for all your  
reservations and all payouts to you.

Learn more about how you can  
always look the way you want, by 
renting for your next event


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make money by lending your  
designer dress


Help & FAQ

We have answered the most common questions in our Help & FAQ page.

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